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The Atlanta IAMCP, International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners launches 2017 with huge partner participation. The 100’s of IAMCP Chapters around the world in EMEA, Africa, Middle East, APAC and America’s are now connecting with a new host of Atlanta partners participating. This special organization formed in 1994 of companies throughout the ecosystem of Microsoft partners is the ultimate vehicle to assist achieving success in the marketplace. By joining the IAMCP Atlanta partners now gain connections with all those countries MS partners in addition to the 700 unique companies, 38 chapters in 36 cities across the U.S. IAMCP partners engage in over $10.2 BN annually of joint Partner-to-Partner business as ranked by IDC. Membership is open to any sized partner who belongs to the Microsoft Partner Network. Nonmembers are welcome for a trial period. The success of the past two months has been tremendous. Our next meeting will be at the Microsoft SMB Live Event April 11th.

“Congratulations to the Atlanta Chapter for their recent success in revitalizing the membership and bring value to their community.” – Bruce Marshall Sr. Business Development Mgr. at Microsoft

The Atlanta IAMCP Chapter is comprised of Microsoft VAR’s, ISV’s, sub groups like WIT (Women in Technology) and affiliated technology companies. The IAMCP brings MS partners selling applications, services, add on solutions, consulting and training together. Atlanta IAMCP meets monthly to discuss the market, successful strategies, technology, network, see presentations and meet with Microsoft.

Atlanta IAMCP will be sponsoring an event at the end of the first day of the Microsoft SMB Live Conference April 11th and 12th at the Microsoft Office in Alpharetta. Microsoft’s free SMB Live Roadshow is back featuring two one-day Microsoft Cloud training events for Cloud Solution Providers and Microsoft Partners. Day one is sales and marketing and focused with day two technically oriented.

The event is on the IAMCP Calendar Site “Atlanta SMB Live Power Networking & Business Builder Happy Hour at the end of the 1st SMB Live Day” register here. This IAMCP event is also free to attend.

“Atlanta is a US technology capital and industry leader incubating, developing, integrating and selling innovative products and services. The IAMCP global ecosystem of Microsoft partners meeting and working together is a golden opportunity to achieving success in the marketplace.” EJ Harof – President Ejs Partner Network

For more information on the Atlanta IAMCP Chapter please contact EJ Harof at 770 317 3757