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ServicePoint365 PRO Application For Office 365 SharePoint Online.

Setting up a user-friendly SharePoint Online environment can be a real challenge. How will content be organized? Will navigation be intuitive? Can we secure/share select data? Don’t worry. We hear you.

ServicePoint365 is an Office 365 SharePoint App designed with an intuitive user interface and information architecture that organizes content into a structure that makes sense and takes the guesswork out of where information is created and stored. The solution consists of a number of “Centers” that are pre-configured for Company Intranet, Client/Prospect Management (CRM), Project Management, Proposal Management, Resource Management, Process Management, Knowledge Management and Vendor Management. Customers simply apply ServicePoint365 to their Office 365’s SharePoint Online environment and immediately start managing and collaborating on critical information in a secure, stable and easy-to-use environment.

Easy To Install
  • ServicePoint365 is a SharePoint Online App pre-configured for your business.
  • No SharePoint skills necessary.
  • Store and manage content related to clients, prospects, projects, proposal and other resource-related information from day one.
  • A comprehensive information architecture is already built out for you, just turn it on and get going.
Easy To Use
  • Intuitive Windows 8 Style navigation takes the guess-work out of where content is stored.
  • Can be accessed by any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Easily create workspaces as needed providing a centralized repository for managing and collaborating on content.
  • Sync files to your devices for easy offline access.
Easy To Configure
  • Turn on/off, rename or re-purpose centers.
  • Control who has access to what content so your information is always secure.
  • Adjust workspace templates and views to include key information.
  • All of this can be accomplished without programming or deep SharePoint skills.
ServicePoint365 PRO Centers

ServicePoint365 Centers organize your content into an approachable hierarchy. Customers can easily turn on/off or re-purpose Centers for their specific needs.

Company Center
Announcements, Calendar, Departments, Organization Charts, Administrative Information, Policies, Documents, Forms, Reports

Client Center
Client Information, Prospect Information, Opportunities List, Projects List, Contract Library, Client Contacts, Team Contacts, Tasks, Links

Project Center
Project Information, Project Documents, Deliverables, Site Photos, Project Calendar, Tasks, Client Contacts, Our Contracts, Issues List

Sales Center
Opportunity Information, Opportunity Documents, Approvals, Opportunity Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Links

Resource Center
Resource List, Resumes, CVs, Profiles, Availability, Skills, Resource Search

Staffing Center
Staffing Requests, Project Roles, Resource List, Role Descriptions, Resource Assignments

Delivery Center
Methodologies, Methodology Documents, Deliverable Templates, Best Practices, Delivery Tools, Accelerators, Contacts, Links

Solution Center
Solution Catalog, Solution Information, Key Team Members, Solution Specifications, Solution Documents, Solution Assets

Knowledge Center
Safety Materials, Training, Marketing Materials, Competition, Graphics, White Papers, Sources Sought, Past Performance, Presentations

Partner Center
Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors, Subcontractors, Partners, Resellers, Documents, Links, Contacts, Invoices, External Portal

Support Center
Issue Tracking, Support Tickets, Issue Assignments, Support Documents, Alerts

ServicePoint365 PRO Plans

ServicePoint365 PRO is available on a subscription basis and comes with all Centers. ServicePoint365 PRO/ME comes bundled with additional products, administrative and managed services.

Plans ServicePoint365 PRO ServicePoint365 PRO/ME
Features Company Intranet Included Included
Management (CRM)
Included Included
Proposal Management Included Included
Project Management Included Included
Resource Management Included Included
Process Management Included Included
Knowledge Management Included Included
Partner Management Included Included
Issue Management Included Included
Flexibility User Defined Fields and Choices Included Included
Show/Hide Centers Included Included
Rename Centers Included Included
Change Center Purpose Included Included
Show/Hide Workspace Web Parts Included Included
Resequence Default
Workspace Web Parts
Included Included
Change Default Workspace Views Included Included
Application Installation Available for a Fee Available for a Fee
User Setup/Administration Available for a Fee Included
Permissions Administration Available for a Fee Included
Granular Backups/Restore Available for a Fee Included
Enhanced Support Available for a Fee Included
Office Web Applications Available for a Fee Included
Exchange Online Available for a Fee Included
OneDrive for Business Available for a Fee Included
Skype for Business Available for a Fee Included
Office Desktop Applications Available for a Fee Included
Configuration Assistance Available for a Fee Available for a Fee
Migration Assistance Available for a Fee Available for a Fee
Development Assistance Available for a Fee Available for a Fee
Training Available for a Fee Available for a Fee
Project Management Available for a Fee Available for a Fee
Price Annual Commitment Billed Monthly. REQUEST QUOTE REQUEST QUOTE
Frequently Asked Questions

ServicePoint365 is priced on a subscription basis much like Office 365. Subscription fee includes the software usage, updates and base support.

ServicePoint365 can be purchased directly from Cloud|AG or from one of our authorized resellers.

ServicePoint365 will be uploaded to your SharePoint App Catalog and installed from there. ServicePoint365 PRO/ME is a completely hosted and managed environment so no install necessary.

ServicePoint365 PRO subscription does not include Office 365 but it can be easily added/bundled into a single payment.

No. Maintenance and updates to ServicePoint365 are included in your base subscription fee.

Yes. We would be happy to provide you credentials to access a free 30 day trial of ServicePoint365 in one of our trial environments. If you would like to do a private trial, this can also be provided for a small installation fee.

Yes. ServicePoint365 comes pre-configured but clients have the ability to extend the functionality using normal SharePoint features and tools. Professional services are available to assist with any aspect of your deployment including project management, installation, configuration, modifications, migration and training.

ServicePoint365 was developed to be compatible with Office 365 SharePoint Online.

ServicePoint365 has a unique Azure base architecture that supports pushing out new features and updates to all clients.

ServicePoint365 is installed into its own site collection(s).

Granular backup and restore is available for ServicePoint365 and is automatically included with ServicePoint365 PRO/ME.

No. ServicePoint365 does not use sandboxed solutions in SharePoint Online.

ServicePoint365 installation and setting options allow customers to change the configuration of their environment without any assistance. Configuration screens allow you to turn on/off centers, rename centers, change layout of standard workspaces and much more. Custom fields can also easily be added using standard SharePoint Online administrative functions.

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