Office 365 SharePoint For The Services

Trying to leverage Office 365 SharePoint Online?

If you’re like most Office 365 customers, then chances are you’ve struggled with this issue—and with good reason. After all, setting up a user-friendly SharePoint Online environment for your Services organization can be a real challenge. How will content be organized? Will navigation be intuitive? Can we secure/share select data? Don’t worry. We hear you.

That’s why we recommend ServicePoint36

ServicePoint365 is an Office 365 SharePoint Online application designed to help customers and other Microsoft partners unlock the power of SharePoint Online without the need for deep SharePoint skills. ServicePoint365 comes pre-configured for the Services industry with an intuitive user interface and information architecture that organizes content into a structure that makes sense and takes the guesswork out of where information is created and stored.

We’ve done the work for you!

Companies using ServicePoint365 have significantly lowered their time, effort and cost of deploying a user-friendly Office 365 SharePoint Online environment.

Tailor ServicePoint365 to meet your needs.

Easy to use settings screen allow you to easily tailor ServicePoint365 for your company. Choose which centers to display, rename or re-purpose centers, change defaults layouts and views for center workspaces.

ServicePoint365 Centers

  • Company Center — Announcements, News, Locations, Organization Charts, Administrative Information, Department Sites, Policies, Company Forms, Reports, Performance Metrics.
  • Client Center — Client Information, Opportunities List, Projects List, Contract Library, Client Contacts, Team Contacts, Invoices.
  • Project Center — Project Information, Project Documents, Client Contacts, Project Roles, Contracts, Invoices, Key Tasks.
  • Sales Center — Opportunity Information, Opportunity Documents, Approvals, Opportunity Calendar, Tasks, Key Contacts.
  • Staffing Center — Project Roles, Open Roles, Role Descriptions, Resources Assigned.
  • Resource Center — Resource Search, Profiles, Subcontractor Profiles, Resumes, Availability.
  • Solution Center — Solution Catalog, Solution Information, Key Team Members, Solution Documents, Software Assets, Demos, Win wires, Client References.
  • Delivery Center — Methodologies, Methodology Information, Methodology Documents, Deliverable Templates, Best Practices, Delivery Tools, Accelerators, Key Contacts.
  • Knowledge Center —Training Materials, Photos, Awards, Certifications, White Papers, Sources Sought, Past Performance, Presentations, Competitive Information, Graphics.
  • Partner Center — Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors, Subcontractors, Partners, Resellers, External Portals.
  • Support Center — Support Issues Log, Support Documents.

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Download More Information

– Download ServicePoint365 Solution Overview

– Download ServicePoint365 Solution Guide